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We always have a silent auction at our specialty - and here are some previews of items that will be available this year. Some items will be available for online bidding via Facebook, stayed tuned for more information!  We take major credit cards, paypal, checks and cash.


Hand made Quilt by Tomi Speed                         Custom Hand Painted picture of YOUR DOG
This is an example from last year                        Bid on this example of Lhotse and if you are
                                                                           the winner, you can email your photo and get
                                                                            YOUR DOG on Canvas (8x8)- by Caitlin Arita

  An example of other paintings done by Caitlin Arita


  3 pups in basket - framed poster by Amy Brackenbury  27 wide, 21 tall                                   Samoyed Key or leash holder - approx 8 inches



Judy Reinen K9FUN framed print - 19 wide/23 tall       Samoyed Tapestry-hardware & pole to hang-54 wide/66 long       Samoyed Head print - 15 wide/ 17 tall


  Framed sammy puppy poster -  23 wide / 19 tall



            Sammy Denim bag                                      Wooden Carousel             Award winning red wine, in lots of 4  


   Leather 2003 SCA Ice Bucket                  Samoyed Puppy Print                                              



Framed sammy in flowers  (approx 8x10)              Framed sammy in color   (approx 8x10)             



Central Valley - California
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